Scriptarnica is a decentralized platform for

Reading, Writing,
Selling & Buying

We are here to put the books' quality first, empower authors, and give a new dimension to the reading experience. All that with the help of Blockchain.

What is
& How it Helps?

Blockchain is a type of technology that records transactions to a digital ledger where they cannot be altered or tampered with. These records or blocks of information are linked using cryptography. The info on a blockchain is easily verifiable and open to the public.
With the help of Blockchain, authors can:
Take the control, select whose help they need, and earn more.
Protect their copyrights, and reduce illegal copying.
Get royalties immediately, instead of waiting for months.
Get insight into the world of their readers by following the path of each book through blockchain transactions.

For Whom Are We Building Scriptarnica?

Benefits for
Benefits for
90% of the book revenue goes to the author (the rest goes to the contributors, and a fraction to the platform)
Books are available globally
Publish as you go (in chapters)
No exclusive right limitations
Simplified publishing process
Easy tracking and analytics of the author's work
Keep the control of the publishing flow
Collaborate with the community directly
Innovative reading experience
Pay only for the content that you need (you can buy a chapter or even a paragraph)
Research-driven reading
Collaborate with authors, and contribute to the content in several ways
Set notifications and follow your favorite writers

Help us bring
to the book world!

We want to understand writers' needs better and use that insight to create remarkable user experience on Scriptarnica. That's why we are conducting a survey. It will only take 10 minutes of your time. Remember - not all heroes wear capes. And you get $20 in SCRIPT tokens for buying books when the platform is live.

Get Notified When Scriptarnica is Live

Get Notified When We Are Live

We are working on the Alpha version. 

See you in a couple of months!

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