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Quality of books, creators and community in the first place.

A decentralized platform for reading, writing, publishing, selling and buying e-books


Publishing process doesn’t put writers and the quality of their work first

If you include VAT, taxes, wire transfers fees, fees for cashing checks, fees for converting currencies, your royalties get much less than you planned. Additional earning and promotion options often include exclusive selling rights as well. Interaction with readers is hard (and often impossible) before you finish your book, when it gets too late to take their feedback in consideration.


Research-driven reading
is expensive

Reader has to pay for the entire book, even if she doesn’t need everything from it. Being researcher, scientist, journalist can get very expensive if you have to purchase all books which are valid source for your work.

Writer has to wait for a long period of time to get their income

Digital publishing process made it possible for writers to get paid for their work in two months period. The situation used to be much worse – publishing agencies were paying royalties quarterly or twice a year.


Marketplace is centralized
with middle-men

The number of middle-men between writer and reader varies from 4 to 6, indeed money spreads through reader’s bank, going to vendor’s bank and finally sending to writer’s account. It’s even worse when a writer has a contract with a publishing agency, that increases the number of middle-men, reduces the contact between the writer and the reader and slows the process.

Reader wants to contribute to the quality of the book & read it before it’s done

With all the technological advancements that are making our life easier and faster people became used to the transparent processes and want to be involved in the creation of something new. We want everything almost immediately. However, readers have to wait until entire book is released to the market. Also, field-related books often offer chapters which are independent from each other and can serve for students & researchers as part of their extensive literature. Involving readers in the writing process and asking for their feedback and contribution would affect the quality of the book, form the community of readers and help writer to involve them in the ways she needs (for example to recommend a book, or do a proofreading, or translate it to another language).



In order to simplify the book publishing process and give writers the option to select who they need of all middle-men, to enable fast and cheap microtransactions which will allow you to pay as you read and only for the content you need, to reward all platform contributors, to build stronger connections between writers and readers, to incentivize the quality of the content and put it as the focus, to enable loyalty / karma for all participants and contributors, we are creating

the very First Blockchain Based E-Book Platform

Writers to:

  • Make your book available everywhere;
  • Lean writing – Publish your work and earn from it immediately, while you write. Get feedback from your readers, engage with them during the writing process;
  • No extra costs (i.e. delivery costs) / no exclusive right limitations;
  • Get highest royalties;
  • Simplify the publishing process, no middleman;
  • Get your book analytics.
Writter illustration-2x

Readers to:

  • Pay only for the content that you really need;
  • Focus on your goals – research driven reading;
  • Influence the content while it’s being written, earn from your contribution (as book reviewer, translator, designer, marketer or book holder) and read a book before it’s done;

Built for you

Writers & Publishers

Get founded quickly and write using lean principles. Form your community, engage with your readers and get instant feedback on your work. Publish without bank , choose on your own who you need in the process.

Researchers, Scientists,

Find relevant resources for your researches and pay only for parts of the book that you need. Create research that cannot be censored.

Professors & Students

Learn fast about the topic you want and pay only for the text you need.

All e-book readers

Contribute to the content while it’s being written. Review a book. Quickly find out if the book is relevant and pay only for those parts.

Team behind Scriptarnica

MVP Workshop

We deliver the most revealing technology learnings and practice

We’re the team of experienced team managers, product designers, and engineers. Each team member has over 10 years of experience. Our mission is to build up a community, which welcomes people willing to share their knowledge and startup experiences.

We want to incorporate all the good sides of decentralized applications in building Scriptarnica through our experience and knowledge, so we can share our love for books with everyone, no-matter how familiar or not you are with blockchain.


Our Projects

Projects we are helping with

How Scriptarnica was born

What I knew is that I needed some killer app example that shows, not just some, but all the good sides of Decentralized Applications; app that could show to anybody why this decentralization paradigm is so big on its own.

Mališa Pušonja, founder of Scriptarnica